GSI Sports Kicks Off New Campaign: #WeDoSoccer

GSI Sports is thrilled to launch a new campaign and hashtag: #WeDoSoccer.

“We Do Soccer” celebrates how GSI builds and executes soccer events and what coaches, players, parents and staff do to create impactful and heartfelt experiences through GSI Sports tournaments, camps and clinics.

“We have been providing everlasting memories through soccer for over 30 years and are privileged to share the images and stories behind the scenes,” stated Huw Williams, GSI Sports Manager.

GSI Sports will focus on featuring soccer players, fans, sponsors and partners on social media, in the GSI blog  and as part of the “The Game of Throw-Ins Newsletter,” displaying their passion for the game both on and off the pitch.

In addition, the campaign “We Do Soccer” will capture GSI Sports and their partners with the various charities they assist in the community.

We invite all of our event attendees and followers to interact with us on social media using the hashtag #WeDoSoccer and show us how you do soccer!