GSI Sports Presents Check to SAFEHOME

On Tuesday, May 30, 2017, GSI Sports presented SAFEHOME with a $3,000 check. This charitable donation is the result of the Shield’s SAFEHOME Soccer Clinic, held on President’s Day, February 20, at 68’s Inside Sports. GSI Sports and former Kansas City Chief’s Hall of Famer Will Shields presented the event, which was again a sell-out.

“We were pleased to have the sponsorship and partnership of HCA Midwest Health, Sport Shake, Starr Homes, Berkowitz Oliver, Pinstripes, FC Kansas City and the Kansas City Comets to help make this a successful clinic,” stated GSI Sports Manager Huw Williams. “That’s what Shields SAFEHOME Soccer Clinic is all about – coming together to make a difference.”

The boys and girls received training by professional coaches focusing on skills, drills and small group scrimmages along with a “swag bag” full of goodies. Following the completion of the clinic, SAFEHOME staff spoke to attendees about positive behavior versus negative behavior.

“The more you get a chance to get in front of kids and tell them about the process of being positive, good and helping people along, I think it’s always a good point to be able to do that,” Shields said.

Janee’ M. Hanzlick, president/CEO of SAFEHOME, was grateful to GSI for organizing the Shields SAFEHOME Youth Soccer Clinic over the past three years

“The GSI staff are experts in ensuring a successful, well-run event – from publicity, to registration, to coaches, to oversight of the activities,” she said. “SAFEHOME couldn’t do it without them!

“This year GSI took the event to a whole new level with coaches from FC Kansas City and the Comets!” Hanzlick added. “The youth participants had an incredible learning experience unlike one they could get anywhere else. Not only did they have the opportunity to interact with experienced soccer players, they also learned about sportsmanship and healthy relationships. SAFEHOME values the partnership of our friends at GSI.”

SAFEHOME provides shelter and community services to approximately 8,000 individuals each year who are survivors of domestic violence. Through SAFEHOME’s support and healing atmosphere those individuals can gain inner strength and receive the support they need to lead healthy, independent lives. Will Shields has been a partner with SAFEHOME for over 15 years and was one of the first NFL players to focus on domestic violence.

“GSI Sports is proud to partner with Will in supporting SAFEHOME and their vision to create a community free of domestic violence,” stated GSI Sports Tournament Director Huw Savage. “The clinic had a huge turnout again this year and we will look to expand the event next year.”