What Happens Next?

My two favorite TV shows growing up in Wales were Superstars and Question of Sport. I think just like many other British TV shows like The Office, Steptoe and Son (Sanford and Son), House of Cards and even Trading Spaces (the original home makeover show); Superstars did make it over to the US. 

If I remember correctly, heavyweight champion Joe Frazier almost drowned during the swimming race.

Anyway, my memory is of well-known British athletes like Kevin Keegan who crashed and burned on the cycling race and Brian Jacks who was a stud in the fitness tests competing against each other in a variety of sporting events. I loved the theme tune, too. Recognize it?

Question of Sport never did make it over here. It was a classic though.

I think it started in the late 60s and went on well after I moved to the States. There were two teams of three sports stars, each team with a resident captain who appeared every week and two guests. They answered sports trivia questions.

The joy of the show came in the banter between the teams and especially between the captains and the host.  My favorite round however was easily the “What happened Next” round.

So what happens next?

  1. Player goes into the crowd and kisses his girlfriend
  2. Player celebrates by head butting the dugout over the player benches and gets red carded
  3. Player jumps into the 3 subs and knocks them down

Ok, play the whole video here to see if you were correct!

So were you right or wrong? Share in the comments below.

Huw Williams

Huw is an owner/operator of GSI Sports. He has worked in sports management and soccer coaching in KC since the mid 80s. He also holds the dual roles of General Manager for FC Kansas City and Director of Operations for the KC Comets.